Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Positive rebellion against the societal mental conditioning

This is what Vincent Fong thoughtfully wrote about my last article titled:

A Promise Made To You Can Close Doors Of Endless Possibilities

“We have less opportunity to condition our thinking than the pedagogy of our education and the influence of nurturing have.

It's likely those who can see opportunities are more likely to have been rebels in their youth who've resisted being hardwired to a way of normalized thinking that society expects.

We can of course unlearn behaviors.

It takes some effort obviously. The question is what and how does one stop being conditioned all over again when everything around us is designed to compel us to comply with expected norms?”

__Vincent Fong

The question Vincent is asking here is a critical one in a sense that our survival within a social contest depends on the answer.

Here I am going to reformulate his question using word-illustration with the example of disease. The question in my point of view will then be, “How do you experience true healing if everything around you is making you mentally believe that the way to survive is to be sick, and how do you maintain your healing, if you finally get healed, while everything around you is spreading the same virus that first got you sick?”

The answer is simple. You have to rebel—yet consciously. This rebellion is psychological more than anything. It does not require any physical attack on the system in place or any verbal debate to prove anyone wrong.

This rebellion is silent and I should say deeply spiritual. It’s called mindfulness or self-awareness.  Vincent said that “we can of course unlearn behaviors.” This is what I call the return to innocence. Jesus will call it becoming like children again. To achieve this goal one must develop a strong routine. Routine for what? For mindfulness.

For instance, ask yourself what you love doing the most. Let’s say that thing is singing. Now, the next question will be if you would like to make a career out of it.

The moment you ask yourself that second question, the voice of the mental conditioning will start speaking, “How is that going to work? What are you going to eat? Will that yield any income? Isn’t that a hobby? And so forth.”

You are getting these thoughts because the mental conditioning is more than a “brain-wash”. It’s actually a “brain-wiring”. There are neurons in your brain firing those thoughts and they have developed a relationship to hold those thoughts in place. These are called patterns. Until you break those neurological patterns, you cannot rebel properly.

So the routine is to set a time a side daily to become mindful of those thoughts, without fighting them, but simply seeing their irrational movement in your awareness using series of questions. Only with questions we build foundations. Only with foundations we establish things.

We don’t build anything assuming affirmative ideas. We strengthen instead with affirmative ideas. When answers are found from series of questions, we use those answers to create affirmative points to make our convictions strong.

Questions make us creative, explorative and innovative. And when we find answers from questions we erect foundations. So use questions to establish a neurological pattern for mindfulness to keep you aware of what is useful and necessary to you.

For example

·         Are there people out there who made a career out of what they love? YES

·         Are there people out there who are successful using their passion? YES

·         Are those people humans like me? YES

·         Have they faced challenges? YES

·         Did they survive? YES

·         Have they learned lessons? YES

·         Are those lessons available for me to have access to? YES

·         Is it possible that I can also reach my success following what I love? YES

·         Will I face challenges? YES

·         Add more questions from your own perspective

If you start practicing series of questions at least 20minutes daily and silently with full awareness, setting time aside for it, you will begin to create a reaction in the brain causing old neurological pattern to start losing their old relationship.

The brain does not know the difference between what you imagine and what you are doing. For that reason, you must begin to apply visualization to develop a new neurological patter for what you want to realize or accomplish. This is what completes the psychological silent rebellion. I just wrote from experience.

In my bedroom I have a vision board, a prayer box, a bible and books that teach on what I want to be and reach in life. When I wake up, I don’t go on my phone or to my email or start dealing with any human affairs. I pray, read and meditate on a bible verse that strengthens what I believe my purpose here on earth is and what I am ought to do to reach that purpose, then I step into my vision board seeing myself being and doing what I want to do, then I read a book. I am always on a book.

When you keep a routine for more than 28 days it will become a passion. But it must be a routine that support an intensive desire; because boring routines kill passion.

Through this practice you are actually transforming yourself by creating a filter in your brain using neurons to protect yourself against the social domestication, negative criticism, poisonous internal dialogues, strong suggestions and indoctrination.

Once the brain is supporting your mindset, you can maintain your idea and fulfill it.  The only challenge is, you have to learn to defeat procrastination, laziness and lack of consistency.

Written By:

Alain Dagba
Motivational Speaker | Life-Coach | Minister
Author of more than 100 books
Success eMagazine Editor

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Success eMagazine : A Promise Made To You Can Close Doors Of Endless P...

Success eMagazine : A Promise Made To You Can Close Doors Of Endless P...: A Promise Made To  You Can Close Doors  Of Endless Possibilities I actually heard the title of this article this morning when I was ...

A Promise Made To You Can Close Doors Of Endless Possibilities

A Promise Made To You Can Close Doors Of Endless Possibilities

I actually heard the title of this article this morning when I was meditating and praying. The idea behind it is that there are endless possibilities all around us. There are thousands of ways to do one thing. Success also means taking the right actions toward possibilities. The question is: “Can you see these possibilities?”

Mental poverty which is also considered as a lack of ideas is the source of all other lacks and limitations. Those we call genius are simply connected to a greater realm of inspiration within them by simply admitting to themselves that there are many ways instead of one, which allows them to see thousands of possibilities to do one thing. They easily find solutions to problems and they discover answers to solve issues.

This is not to say that most people don’t have this ability. We all are potential genius that awake progressively. We all surely do have the potential to see many possibilities, but it’s an untapped potential. The brain cannot see more than what you have trained and conditioned it to see through habitual thinking. For example, let’s say you needed money to pay your car loan. You had no idea how you will be able to meet the deadline.

Suddenly, a friend of yours called and made you a promise of five hundred dollars. The danger is you may find yourself seeing that promise as the only possibility and wake up day and night thinking about it and checking your bank account to see if the money had been transferred. This is what being poor really means. It’s the way you train your brain to only see one door out of a situation instead of many.

The wealthy mind will hear the same promise and will not cling to it; and will still be digging to see more possibilities and pay the car loan instead of relying on the promise. There are endless possibilities all around you. Can you see them? The same example I just gave with the promise of five hundred dollars can also happen with business contracts promised, job promised, an engagement ring promised, a house promised and you name it.

Most people have even forgotten that there are also thousands of ways to be happy. They settle their happiness on this one thing; and when that one thing is missing, they can’t be happy. Some other people limit themselves as to what they can do. They even say, “I am not built to do this,” or “I am not wired to do this.” This is not true. What you say limits your mind and what limits your mind limits your brain.

The truth is everything can be learned. The limitation you set on yourself will never allow your brain to open up to more possibilities. Many opportunities will show up in your environment, but your brain will fail to see them and suggest them to you as ways to get out of your situation. Why will it fail? It’s because you have conditioned the brain to perceive only in a certain way.

Written by:
Alain Dagba
Motivational Speaker | Life-Coach | Minister
Author of more than 100 books
Success eMagazine Editor