Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Promise Made To You Can Close Doors Of Endless Possibilities

A Promise Made To You Can Close Doors Of Endless Possibilities

I actually heard the title of this article this morning when I was meditating and praying. The idea behind it is that there are endless possibilities all around us. There are thousands of ways to do one thing. Success also means taking the right actions toward possibilities. The question is: “Can you see these possibilities?”

Mental poverty which is also considered as a lack of ideas is the source of all other lacks and limitations. Those we call genius are simply connected to a greater realm of inspiration within them by simply admitting to themselves that there are many ways instead of one, which allows them to see thousands of possibilities to do one thing. They easily find solutions to problems and they discover answers to solve issues.

This is not to say that most people don’t have this ability. We all are potential genius that awake progressively. We all surely do have the potential to see many possibilities, but it’s an untapped potential. The brain cannot see more than what you have trained and conditioned it to see through habitual thinking. For example, let’s say you needed money to pay your car loan. You had no idea how you will be able to meet the deadline.

Suddenly, a friend of yours called and made you a promise of five hundred dollars. The danger is you may find yourself seeing that promise as the only possibility and wake up day and night thinking about it and checking your bank account to see if the money had been transferred. This is what being poor really means. It’s the way you train your brain to only see one door out of a situation instead of many.

The wealthy mind will hear the same promise and will not cling to it; and will still be digging to see more possibilities and pay the car loan instead of relying on the promise. There are endless possibilities all around you. Can you see them? The same example I just gave with the promise of five hundred dollars can also happen with business contracts promised, job promised, an engagement ring promised, a house promised and you name it.

Most people have even forgotten that there are also thousands of ways to be happy. They settle their happiness on this one thing; and when that one thing is missing, they can’t be happy. Some other people limit themselves as to what they can do. They even say, “I am not built to do this,” or “I am not wired to do this.” This is not true. What you say limits your mind and what limits your mind limits your brain.

The truth is everything can be learned. The limitation you set on yourself will never allow your brain to open up to more possibilities. Many opportunities will show up in your environment, but your brain will fail to see them and suggest them to you as ways to get out of your situation. Why will it fail? It’s because you have conditioned the brain to perceive only in a certain way.

Written by:
Alain Dagba
Motivational Speaker | Life-Coach | Minister
Author of more than 100 books
Success eMagazine Editor

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