Friday, January 8, 2016


Editor's Comment
By Alain Dagba

I have personally failed at a lot of things in life. I mean A LOT!. I did not really have a good middle school experience either. I was considered by many back then as a child with a mental disability issue. Then a sudden shift took place in my life. I suddenly started to become very brilliant in school. 

My high school years and college years were the best. The shift was due to books I started to read about the power of the mind and what the human spirit was capable of achieving. Some of the books were the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Little Prince by the french philosopher Antoine de Saint-Exupery and a small booklet of poems in french titled J'ESPERE which means I HOPE witten by an Author I cannot recall at the moment. 

The truth is we must not waste our failures. We must examine them and study them to determine the areas we need improvement. This is the foundation of our future success stories we will have to tell. 

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